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Field Day

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Field Day 2017

Mark the date: Field Day 2017 will be the weekend of June 24th and 25th.

The Field Day site is the East Greenbush Masonic Temple on U.S. Route 4. Antennas are set-up behind the parking lot; operating locations are inside the building utilizing battery power only.

Steve Van Sickle (WB2HPR), Tom Scorsone (KC2FCP), and Steve Sconfienza (NC2S) are our Field Day coordinators.

What is Field Day?

Field Day is an ARRL sponsored national contest in which amateur radio clubs – as well as individuals – establish a "field" location (i.e., no existing communications infrastructure) that operates in simulated emergency conditions, which includes ad-hoc antenna installations and non-commercial power (that notwithstanding, anyone can participate regardless of emergency simulation, with prorated contest credit given based on the level of simulation).

Field Day is also Amateur Radio's time for public advocacy, with contest credit given for information programs, outreach to the media and public officials, and providing for newly licensed Amateurs to "get on the air" (a GOTA station).

(For the curious, although Field Day is usually the last weekend in June, it is, in fact, always scheduled as the fourth full weekend in June. Occasionally, in some years, June will have five full weekends [as in June 2013], so it is not the "last weekend" in those years as it customarily expected to be. Who would have thought?)

Our Field Day Station

Our station operates in the "A" category, not utilizing any permanent facilities or commercial power. Specifically, the "A" category is defined as the following:

Club or a non-club group of three or more persons set up specifically for Field Day. Such stations must be located in places that are not regular station locations and must not use facilities installed for permanent station use, or use any structure installed permanently for Field Day. A single licensee or trustee for the entry is responsible for the group entry. All equipment (including antennas) must lie within a circle whose diameter does not exceed 300 meters (1000 feet). To be listed as Class A, all contacts must be made with transmitter(s) and receiver(s) operating independent of commercial power mains.

The categories operators hear on the air

  1. Club/non-club portable, three or more persons, no permanent infrastructure, no commercial power
  2. One/two person portable, otherwise same as A
  3. Mobile (car, maritime, aeronautical)
  4. Home station
  5. Home station, emergency power
  6. Established Emergency Operations Center

The role of Field Day

Along with our hamfest, Field Day is one of our club's premier events. To ensure that this will be a successful event, we always look for ideas, suggestions, and participation. We are particularly interested in the following:

Download out Field Day Flyer in a printable PDF document

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